Universal fertilizer for all crops

The highly effective nitroammofoska of NPK is used for the main and preseeding processing, and its water solution as extra root top dressing during vegetation of plants. Is suitable for all types of soils - chernozems, clay, sandy, peat.

The nitroammofoska of NPK in the form of small granules of gray is made colors, it is characterized by the high content of useful substances. Consists fertilizer from three major elements providing full development of plants at all stages – phosphorus, potassium, nitrogen, concentration which can vary. This factor needs to be considered at choice of an optimal variant.

The main benefit of a complex nitroammofoska – an opportunity process the big area of plantings at small financial investments. Therefore it is very demanded among gardeners of fans and owners of the large-scale agrarian enterprises which are growing up vegetable cultures fruit-trees, garden bushes, ornamental plants. The need for introduction of medicine depends on qualitative structure soils, availability or lack of irrigation and other features.

Effective water-soluble fertilizer with high content phosphorus

The NP superphosphate ammoniated is mineral nutritious complex for introduction under any fruit and decorative crops on all views of soils. Means is easily acquired, rendering salutary influence on all parts of plants.

The NP superphosphate containing a set of useful microelements ammoniated is received from the minerals formed by natural by method. Main components of medicine are phosphorus, which concentration can reach 46%, nitrogen – about 10%, is gray – 5 %, and also other the chemical elements, vital for plants. For strengthenings of effect fertilizer is recommended to be introduced in a complex with seasonal potash podkormka.

Apply double superphosphate to improvement of a metabolism, improvement of quality and quantities of a harvest, strengthening of root system, and also protection against different diseases of crops. Bring it as the main and preseeding fertilizer, and also directly to the soil during the planting of seedling or crops of seeds. Thanking to the balanced structure timely fed up plants become steadier against adverse effects surrounding Wednesdays.

The Most concentrated nitrogen-containing fertilizer

The carbamide synthesized by means of chemical reaction is colourless, white or yellowish crystals without specific smell. More effective is suitable for use on any sites, but the result will bring on easy soils.

The carbamide containing 46% of nitrogen is received at interaction nitrogen and ammonia. It is well acquired by plants, promoting them to active growth and correct development of all systems. Product it is used for the main introduction and also as extra root top dressing fruit, berry, vegetable and decorative crops. It is allowed application in the conditions of the protected soil.

It is important to remember that at interaction of urea with the earth there are processes which can damage plantings. Therefore it is recommended to bring medicine beforehand, approximately in a week to planting of plants. For minimization of losses of useful substances in a type ammonia evaporations, fertilizer right after introduction follows immediately close up in soil. Besides the carbamide is not recommended to be mixed with other mineral structures.

The Liquid fertilizer containing all possible forms of nitrogen

KAS – the balanced solution of ammonium nitrate and a carbamide on the basis of water. Differs in low cost in comparison with the granulated analogs. Is suitable for use in all climatic zones, even droughty.

KAS making positive impact on roots and also extra root system, it is applied to the prolonged saturation plants nitrogen. Fertilizer can be introduced along with pesticides, what allows to reduce the number of processings of crops. Because of complete absence in mix of free ammonia solution almost does not evaporate (at most - 10%), but at high temperatures and droughty climate, right after introduction of means it is recommended to make its seal in soil.

To the consumer of KAS arrives in a type, ready to application, that excludes the need to calculate proportions. Thanks to a liquid form mix is easily and evenly distributed on the site. Mix introduction make irrespective of a season: in the fall as main fertilizer, in the spring for preseeding processing, during vegetation - in quality подкормок.

Crystal fertilizer for all types of soils

Ammonium sulfate crystal is applied to regulation growth, elimination of sulfuric starvation, increase in productivity and viability of plants. Means easily dissipates, completely it is dissolved in water, for a long time keeps friability at storage.

Sulfate, inexpensive in comparison with other nitric mixes ammonium crystal is disseminated through sites with greens, vegetable, cereal, forage crops. Introduce fertilizer in the spring in time preseeding cultivation that allows to distribute evenly it on all territory. On heavy soil it is recommended to make the main processing after collecting of the previous harvest (fall).

The main benefit of sulfate of ammonium – high concentration the sulfur making positive impact on productivity. It it is possible mix with solutions of liquid nitrogen fertilizers that will save time and means on the number of processings. The dosage of medicine is defined in dependences on agrochemical properties of the soil, terms and methods of introduction, and also biological features of each species of plants.