You want to receive a good harvest for the efforts? With helatny fertilizers the result will exceed all your expectations. They contain minerals, necessary for plants, which are effective even in small doses.

Fertilizer is the whole complex which consists of the minerals which are positively influencing plants. If it is correct to use it, then the harvest will be 20% richer.

If are necessary to you various type of fertilizer, you will be able to purchase them at us. Already very soon our young company the Prime Lend will have capacities for production the helatnykh of fertilizers. Such additives compensate to a plant missing minerals, will increase their resistance to wreckers, will stimulate growth and development of plants. With the help the helatnykh of fertilizers seeds will sprout for 20 - 30% more intensively.

Plus to everything, additives won't do harm to plants as are almost not toxic. They are perfectly dissolved in water and remain efficient even in those soils where acidity is increased. Even the small dose the helatnykh of fertilizers is capable to salvage your harvest from a drought and other external factors.