We are engaged in sale of fertilizers which contain the microelements which are positively influencing plants. For today ours three vacancies are required for the young company:

  1. Agronomist. If you well understand agriculture, are acquainted with a full range of field works, you are able to plan and calculate requirement of seed material, then we with impatience we wait for you.
  2. Technologist. Any company working in agricultural to the sphere not to do without technologist. We need the person who will be able control production technologies and quality of the sold products.
  3. Area manager. If you responsible person, knowing the business, this vacancy for you. It is one of main positions of department of the company. On shoulders of the area manager market grouping of our products in certain regions will lay down.

We wait for work of the specialists knowing, loving the business. Let's together help people to reap a rich crop.