At the moment the company of the Prime Lend, is engaged in sale of fertilizers for cultivation of agricultures. Now the company begins development of a brand for sale the helatnykh of fertilizers. This brand will be made and be on sale the company in the future.

Why helatny microfertilizers

This brand implies a product which the complex of nutrients for plants which on a delivery mode are close to natural enters. The product contains the active forms of basic elements promoting natural chemical processes.

Fertilizers of the company of the Prime Lend, have almost complete digestibility, contain rare elements in a helatny form: copper, manganese, zinc, etc.

of Feature

The formula of a product of this brand is developed at the leading institutes of agrarian sciences where it is picked specially up individually for each culture therefore this product considers private features of each culture. A benefit of fertilizer of the company of the Prime Lend, is a possibility of extra root top dressing, also reduced level of nitrates and side effects.