Our company is very young. We determine a main objective of the creation how the help in increase in productivity of plants – without rise in agricultural industry growth of wellbeing in the country is impossible. Therefore products which we offer will be interesting to both private gardeners and gardeners, and large agricultural producers.

of the Tendency of development

We from the very beginning took prompt rate of development. At the moment the core activity is a sale of fertilizers of new generation. We don't want that soils in fight for increase in productivity and profitability died. Therefore chose as the field of activity matching подкормок which:

  • act not only as fertilizers, but also as a soil rekultivator;
  • deliver useful substances directly in plants, without pollution of fertile lands;
  • are engaged in strengthening of immunity of plants to adverse weather conditions and impact of toxic substances, including to infection with heavy metals;
  • improve quality of material at a stage of preparation for landing.

In the catalog only modern fertilizers which correspond to the declared properties are provided.

Profitable partnership

The management of our company conducts reasonable price policy, understanding all complexity of occupations agricultural industry. We guarantee to each partner the attentive relation and personal approach. We work directly with producers of fertilizers therefore are ready to offer sale as at retail, and wholesale of high-quality fertilizers.

Timely handling gives not only increase in productivity, but also improves tastes of finished goods, its trade dress, and also increases storage durations.

Our managers, being qualified specialists with vocational education:

  • will give help in matching of necessary products;
  • will provide true and full information on each type of fertilizers;
  • will quickly create the order, whatever complexity it was;
  • acquisitions of fertilizers will offer the most advantageous conditions.

You can rely on their knowledge and conscientiousness.

Future companies

Sale of fertilizers is only the beginning of activities of the company. At the moment the application for registration of the fertilizers created by the staff of the company is submitted. In 2017 products are brought in the plan of testing. Therefore in the nearest future we intend to open own production and sale of such type of fertilizers as chelates.

Helatny fertilizers – one of the most perspective directions in production effective подкормок as with their help comprehensibility macro - and minerals reaches 90%. At the same time they show good degree of compatibility with other types of fertilizers including insecticides. In certain cases chelates increase comprehensibility of other elements.

Production of chelates is planned by us in a form, convenient for consumers. It is in addition supposed to work constantly on decrease in product cost that will become this gift for users of products which are turned out by us.