Welcome to the website of the company of the Prime Lend which is engaged in sale of fertilizers

In the conditions of intensive technologies of land use the chemistry product demand for agricultural industry increased many times. Our company so far the beginner in the market of fertilizers but to be young and to be not a professional — not always synonyms. In our first-priority plans — to win reputation and a strong niche in the market of fertilizers!

Today our company it:

  • Refusal of obsolete standards and implementation of progressive forms of cooperation;
  • Our ambitions are confirmed with professionalism of each member of collective;
  • Image of the reliable supplier — will always be above any difficulties connected with his achievement.

Why is profitable to work with us:

  • Each buyer, irrespective of purchasing amounts is dear to us;
  • We are ready for a long-term cooperation and therefore completeness of execution of requests, as well as a guarantee of terms of their execution — the main priorities of the company;
  • Our assortment is capable to satisfy the most difficult requests;
  • In plans of the company to begin in 2017 own production the helatnykh of fertilizers.

the Assortment offered our buyers shan't leave unsatisfied any buyer:

  • Nitroammofosk (Azofosk) NPK 15-15-15-8S;
  • Nitroammofosk (Azofosk) NPK 16-16-16-6S;
  • Superphosphate the ammoniated NP 9-30+9S
  • Diammofosk NPK 9-25-25-3S;
  • Diammofosk NPK 8-19-29-3S.
  • Ammonium sulfate;
  • KAC 28-30-32;
  • Carbamide (Urea).

We will note that mistakes in land use often involve impoverishment of the soil and generate deficit of plants in minerals. Helatny fertilizers are designed to resolve two of these problems. Complex use of these modern medicines at all stages - from handling of seeds, before introduction of top dressing and application in case of drop watering — guarantee of high productivity and standard of the soil.

Moving towards wishes of agricultural producers, our company mastered own production of chelates. At the moment there is a procedure of paperwork about registration and expectation of results of testing. The first batches of fertilizers are planned to start in sale this year.